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Search Dynamics, LLC

Nationwide search consultants to the insurance industry

"Solid relationships through proven results."  


About us


Search Dynamics is a highly specialized search firm in business since 1990.  Our practice is limited exclusively to commercial property & casualty insurance, reinsurance, risk management and employee benefits.

Our clients comprise national and regional brokerage firms, primary carriers, reinsurers and corporate risk management departments.  Our primary focus is on middle through executive management talent.

What drives us;  

We operate on a direct recruitment basis versus classified advertising.  We find that the quality of the recruited candidate to be well above average, representing the untapped market.  Search Dynamics employs a "hands on" consultative approach to entire hiring process that we are certain shall provide a benefit to both client and candidate alike.

Our Expertise

The Client:

We view the recruiter/ client relationship as one sided.  It is all about you.  Not about us and our fee.  Our total focus is about helping you to succeed, keeping your best interest at heart.  Your firm's success is critical to the success of your employees, clients and lastly, us.   We continually strive to add value to the recruitment, selection and hiring process...

The Candidate:

When the phone rings and it's a headhunter it is probably not a good time, more often that not.  You are not usually engaged in an active search for a new job.  Chances are you're not malcontent, either.  You are most likely "buried in excellence", meaning you are doing a great job for your employer and things are pretty good, overall.  That is exactly why you are being called... 

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