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Our Expertise

Our primary focus is on the recruitment of middle through executive management talent.  Our professional recruiting practice provides focused candidate-sourcing services for technical and managerial positions across all functional insurance related disciplines.  We operate on a direct recruitment and referral basis versus classified advertising and our database is quite extensive and national in scope.  Before a referral is made, the candidate’s background and experience are thoroughly examined to ensure it is a match with your criteria.  We also make certain that the candidate is earnest about pursuing your particular employment opportunity.  The consultative approach we employ is “hands on” throughout the entire hiring process, from the first interview to the first day on the job
The Client   

We view the recruiter/ client relationship as one sided.  It is all about you.  Not about us and our fee.  Our total focus is about helping you to succeed, keeping your best interest at heart.  Your firm's success is critical to the success of your employees, clients and lastly, us.   We continually strive to add value to the recruitment, selection and hiring process.

 The ten steps we take to earn our fee


1. Meetings and/or in-depth discussions with the client to develop an understanding of the client's organization and the specific needs of the hiring entity;

2. Furnish client with scope and character of the services to be provided;

3. Thorough independant research on the nature, needs and culture of the client organization;

4. Comprehensive search for qualified candidates;

5. Thorough evaluation of potential candidates, including in-depth interviews, careful assessment of the individual's strengths and weaknesses, and verification of credentials (if requested), in order to provide an adequate basis for an independant and expert recommendation;

6. Either before or after presentation of a candidate, but prior to final selection by the client, performance of comprehensive reference checking;

7. Assistance in the formulation and presentation of an offer.  Assist in the negotiation of terms, if necessary;

8. Upon acceptance, provide counseling to the candidate throughout the resignation process, paying careful attention to counter-offer scenarios;

9. Secure a start date;

10. Provide the candidate with on-going support to insure a smooth departure and transition;

FINALIZE THE DEAL!                            

We are extremely confident that we can exceed your expectations. It is our goal to foster a relationship that will have you relying upon us to fill your needs time and time again.

The Candidate

When the phone rings and it's a headhunter it is probably not a good time, more often that not.  You are not usually engaged in an active search for a new job.  Chances are you're not malcontent, either.  You are most likely "buried in excellence", meaning you are doing a great job for your employer and things are pretty good, overall.  That is exactly why you are being called. 

You are a most desirable candidate and therefore it almost always pays to listen.  On the other hand, a recruiter who listens to what you are desirous of doing with your career can be your eyes and ears while you are "buried in excellence".  Many, if not most great positions are never advertised.  They are filled by networking.  Search Dynamics can be your confidential network.  We never mass market or drop names.  We also do not release resumes or background information without your prior approval.  What we do offer is a consultative approach throughout the interview process.  


Providing you with honest interview feedback to let you know where you stand.  At the end, we act as a buffer and/or mediator during the compensation and offer discussions.  This assists in overcoming what is known as "negotiation impairment", fear or reluctance to ask for what you feel you are really worth.  As mediator, we can help to bring together two sides that may be a little apart in agreement.  We will assist you in getting to where you deserve to be, starting the new relationship off on the right footing.


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